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Narrate some of the problems according to Severn Suzuki to which adults have no solution.

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According to Severn Suzuki children are facing a lot of prob- lems at present to which adults have no solution. The author wants the parents to express their love for the children not through their words, but through their actions. The children are afraid to go out in the sun now due to the holes in the Ozone. They are afraid to breathe in the open air because it contains lots of chemicals. Due to the wastes thrown in the river, the fish suffer from cancer. A lot of animals and plants are going extinct everyday. Children generally dream of a world full of animals, jungles, birds, butterflies. But no parents can fulfil this desire of their children. At school children are taught to share things and not to be greedy. But in reality, adults themselves are so greedy, and they are not willing to share. They never think of sharing things with others. Children wants to enjoy the beauty of forest. But due to the activities of the adults forests are transforming into deserts.

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